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Response to Vigilant Citizen Article: Monster High: A Doll Line Introducing Children to the Illuminati Agenda

Well Mummies & Mansters tonight I am infuriated at the propaganda of an anti-Illuminati group that has claimed our beloved guys & ghouls at Monster High are brainwashing the youth of America with symbolism of the Illuminati. 

First, let us define the word Illuminati….

 The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality. The Illuminati—along with other secret societies—were outlawed by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, and permanently disbanded in 1785.[1] In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed they had regrouped and were responsible for the French Revolution.
In subsequent use, “Illuminati” refers to various organizations claiming or purported to have unsubstantiated links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, and often alleged to conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order and gain further political power and influence. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, movies, television shows, comics, video games and music videos.

So how does all of this apply to the student bodies? Well, first you’d have to try not laugh your head off or burst at the seams reading this article posted on Vigilant Citizen.

If you manage to make it back let us now define Monster High….

Monster High is an American fashion doll franchise created by Mattel in July, 2010. The characters are inspired by monster movies, sci-fi horror, thriller fiction, and various creatures therefore distinguishing them from most fashion dolls. They were created by Garrett Sander, with illustrations by Kellee Riley and illustrator Glen Hanson.
The Monster High franchise also includes other consumer products such as stationery, bags, key chains, various toys and video games. There are also Monster High TV specials, a web series, a direct to DVD movie, and software. Lisi Harrison & Gitty Daneshvari are the authors of the Monster High books. The characters are depicted as being either related to or as offspring of famous monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, Medusa, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Phantom of the Opera, and zombies and more. The characters are usually referred to as ghouls, rather than girls.

Let us dig deeper into our student body…

Frankie Stein (voiced by Kate Higgins) – Frankie is the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride of Frankenstein. When first introduced she was 15 days old (her age is assumed to have gone up as days passed). Clumsy, polite, kind, and a good friend to have and be around, Frankie has black and white hair in the show, but in the novel it is black (except when she is at the monster-themed dance), and her body is held together by stitches and has neck bolts. She is considered the new ghoul in school and eager to make friends. She is no longer considered the new ghoul in school because she has been a character for about a year now. This character has heterochromia, two different colored eyes and hair.

Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti) – Clawdeen is the daughter of a werewolf and has an older brother named Clawd Wolf, 1 younger sister named Howleen Wolf and 1 older sister named Clawdia. But she has many other brothers and sisters which is (voiced by Debi Derryberry) – Draculaura is the daughter of Count Dracula. She was 1599 years old and is now 1600 years old as of Valentine’s Day. She has a pet bat named Count Fabulous. She is in a relationship with Clawd Wolf, who is the brother of her best friend, Clawdeen. Although a vampire, she is a vegan and does not drink blood, and is scared to say the word “blood” as she faints when she hears it. Her fangs are visibly seen protruding from her mouth, even when not talking. Her skin is a pale pink.

Cleo de Nile (voiced by Salli Saffioti) – Cleo is the 5,842 year old daughter of The Mummy and has an older sister named Nefera who is 5,845; three years older than Cleo and a father named Ramses De Nile. She has a pet snake named Hissette who is venomous. She is the fearleading squad captain, the queen of the social scene and Deuce Gorgon’s girlfriend. She is a self-centered diva but also a good friend. In “Ghouls Rule”, she has befriended the niece of Headmaster Van Hellscream, Lilith van Hellscream.

Deuce Gorgon (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in Volume 1 and 2, Cam Clarke in earlier parts of Volume 3, Evan Smith in later appearances) – Deuce is the 16-year-old son of Medusa. His whole family can turn anything to stone. He has a passion for cooking, but he keeps it a secret from most other students. He is the captain of the casketball team and loves skateboarding. Deuce is shown to be friendly, outgoing, confident, and with many friends. He is dating Cleo de Nile. He wears sunglasses to prevent him from turning other people to stone temporarily and has green snakes on his head.

Lagoona Blue (voiced by Laura Bailey) – Lagoona is the 15 year old daughter of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Lagoona is from “Down Under”, which refers to her Australian accent. She is able to talk to water animals. She is also a lovable and sporty ghoul who is shown to have many friends around Monster High. Her skin dries out very easily and she has to use lots of moisturizer. Her pet is Neptuna, a Pirahna. She is the girlfriend of Gillington “Gil” Webber, whose parents initially did not approve of their relationship.

Ghoulia Yelps (voiced by Audu Paden) – Ghoulia is the daughter of a zombie. At age 16 (in monster years), she is said to be the ‘smartest ghoul in school’, and can only speak the “Zombie” language (consisting of moans and groans). She acted like a servant for Cleo de Nile for a time, but she is now treated more like a friend. She is dating “Slow-Moe” Deadovitch.

Abbey Bominable (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) – She is the daughter of the Yeti, and her original language is Yetish. She speaks with a Russian accent, though her home, the Himalayas are more popularly found in areas of China.

Spectra Vondergeist (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) – Spectra Vondergeist is the daughter of the Ghosts. She has violet-colored hair, bright, medium-blue sclera with violet-colored irises and dark-blue pupils. She can go through walls, and practice ‘ghost-limitations’, such as having things not go through her.

                 In the next few days I will be reaching out to the cast and Monster High community for educated responses to the article posted above and expect a huge increase in activity on this post based solely on the fact that these so-called vigilant citizens seem like nothing more than people who have way too much time on their hands to look for hidden messages that are merely a coincidence of designs. The stitches and scars on the ghouls are simply showing our children that acceptance is key. The image of the one eye are seem often but when I was in high school it seemed eyes were everywhere on us as students. Furthermore, Monster High is about accepting and embracing our unique differences.

 Hence our motto….

Be Unique, 
Be Yourself, 
Be your own MONSTER!  

Breaking News from Toy Fair 2014

We’re bringing you all the clawsome deets from Toy Fair 2014 and mummies are howling over all of the off the fang releases from our friends at Monster High!
Below is pictures, info, and a video from our besties at Time to play Mag who have all of the best toy reviews, prices, and giveaways! Check them out for sure because the cool ghouls all know about TTP. I look forward to bringing you more news from Toy Fair 2014 and of course will be live on the floor of San Diego Comic Con in July.

Monster High Fusion Doll Assortment
ARP: $20.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: June 2014
In a freaky twist of adventure, our favorite Monster High® ghouls get accidentally fused together in ways never seen before! Choose from Lagoonafire™ (a mix of Lagoona Blue® and Jinafire Long®), Dracubecca™ (a fusion of Draculaura® and Robecca Steam®), Cleolie™ (a combination of Cleo de Nile® and Toralei®), Clawvenus™ (a blend of Clawdeen Wolf® and Venus McFlytrap®) and Neighthan Rot™ (a unicorn-zombie boy). Accessories include a to-die-for purse for each – except Neighthan Rot™, who has a hat with a hole cut out for his unicorn horn.

Monster High Inner Monster Feature Assortment
ARP: $21.97 | Ages 6+ years | Available: June 2014
Monsters have feelings too! Customize the expressions of these creepy cool creatures by changing their eyes, facial expressions and their fashions! Sets include one full doll with eye-changing feature, one interchangeable face plate, a peggable/interchangeable skeleton and chest plate, inner piece count, over-the-top fashion, accessories, purse, doll stand, brush and fill-in-the-blank diary. Choose from three killer options: Fearfully Feisty n Mad Love*, Spooky Sweet n Frightfully Fierce* and Scared Silly n Shockingly Shy*

Monster High Recharge Chamber
ARP: $44.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: August 2014
At the riveting climax of the Monster High® movie, Freaky Fusion, the beast ghoulfriends of Frankie Stein® rally around to give her back her spark with this hair-raising Recharge Chamber! Comes with a one-of-a-kind Frankie Stein® doll wearing a voltageous fashion and shocking shoes. Place her in the chamber, and press the button for hair-raising fun – her hair literally rises into a shocking ‘do! Press the light again for a spooktacular light show for clawesome room decor.

Plus the uhhh-mazing new 4 foot tall Catacombs? Looks like 2014 is another banner year for Monster high!

Remember at Monster High We Stop Hate, and Be yourself, Be Unique, Be Your Own Monster!

Creature Feature:Printable Doll Clothes and Giveaway

It’s a new year and time for a new feature on our blog. Our new Creature Feature will showcase some very talented Monster High artists from all over the world. Our first feature will be the clawsome Elizabeth from Printable Doll Clothes! 

When I saw her site I was blown away at her off the fang designs for our Ghouls at Monster High. I am sure you will agree that they are voltageous and show killer style.
Mega Pack Picture

Let’s meet Elizabeth and learn all about our new freaky fab friend:

I’ve had a life long love of dolls, and I’ve been collecting them since I was about six. At first, I mostly collected Barbie. Recently though I’ve started collecting many other doll lines, some of which had few additional outfit options available. I wanted an inexpensive way, that was less time consuming than sewing, to make doll clothes for them.
Being able to print an outfit with regular printer paper that would fasten with tape seemed like a good way to achieve this goal. I started measuring various dolls and using scrap paper to see if paper dresses could work. After much trial and error I eventually came up with the template pieces I now make my outfits from. It was very exciting when my first printed outfit was finished and looked great!
Originally I designed my printable doll clothes to fit Barbie and Monster High dolls but after I had finalized the pieces I found that they also worked on a LOT more dolls than just those two. I’ve made outfits for Chelsea, Barbie’s little sister, and I’ve made an outfit for an 18” American Girl doll. Obviously, every doll can’t wear all of the combinations, but most dolls smaller than an American Girl doll can find something to wear using my pieces.
I love historical fashion so the designing process has been very fun. I like to design many different styles of dresses, from Jane Austen Regency to Palace of Versailles ball gowns to Steampunk to Fantasy Fairies to classic fifties dresses, as well as modern designs and much more. With multiple top, skirt, and sleeve combinations for each outfit there are a lot of possibilities. And each of my outfit sets comes with a black and white template that can be colored with crayons etc after printing for a really customized (and ink friendly) look.
I began designing my outfits in July of 2013. After months of development and photography I launched my Etsy store in November of 2013 so that other people can enjoy my outfits too. I’ve had a lot of fun designing my collection and I am excited to see what the future holds for Printable Doll Clothes.

Here is a couple freaky fab tutorials so you can see how simple it is to dress your ghouls in a whole new style! I am sure Venus would love this idea since you would be able to recycle them, and attention Mummies who need a lil Maul time- Elizabeth has black/white designs so you can keep the lil monsters busy coloring! What a freaky fab idea!

Elizabeth or as I keep calling her Elissabat has also offered all of you Mansters and Ghouls A Coupon Code “MonsterHighParents” good for 20% off an order of $7.50 or more with no expiration date.

Now to the giveaway details…..

Printable Doll Clothes Volume 2 - Printable Paper Dresses that fit Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High and more

1 winner will receive their choice of the $15 dollar five dress multi packs on her store

Don’t forget to visit her on facebook too

ENTRY is so simple!!! Simply leave a comment on this post telling me what design you like the most or which Monster High student you will be redressing in clawsome PrintableDollClothes… 

This contest will end January 31st at midnight.

Remember Be Unique, Be Yourself, Be Your Own Monster!!!!

Congrats to Disneyeverafter who won this amazing prize! 1752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398d1752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef362ec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef3621752804e398dec8cada2d106e2f05223074ebdc76a3d8ef362

Plus Size & disabled ghouls would be welcome at Monster High

A recent posting in a Facebook group, Plus Size Modeling, has raised a fascinating question about Mattel‘s classic doll, Barbie — “Should (Mattel) start making plus-sized Barbie dolls?”
At the time of this writing, the post, which comes with an artist’s conception of a plus-size Barbie, has attracted over 40,000 “Likes” — the equivalent of a “Yes” vote for the plus-size Barbie. Meanwhile, there were over 4,700 comments — an equivalent of a “No” vote.

Source: Facebook, author’s edits.
Barbie has been around for 53 years, and the doll has often been criticized for teaching impressionable young girls some questionable life lessons. The most common criticisms are her unrealistic figure, which some say could lead to girls becoming anorexic, and her shallow personality.
A 1965 version of the doll came with a bathroom scale permanently set to 110 pounds, and a 1992 talking version known as Teen Talk Barbie rattled off one-liners such as,“Will we ever have enough clothes?,” “I love shopping!,” and“Math class is tough!”
That’s not to say Mattel hasn’t improved Barbie over the years, though.
In 1967, Mattel released the first African-American Barbie, a bold move during a tumultuous time in America. Additional Barbie dolls from other ethnic groups were released over the following years. In 1997, Mattel widened the doll’s waist to fit more realistic, contemporary fashions.
Plus-size or obese?
The plus-size Barbie debate, however, poses an interesting question — is the artist’s depiction plus-size or obese? Critics have pointed out that the design, with a double chin, suggests that plus-size Barbie is not just curvy, but unhealthily obese.
To clarify things, we should compare some statistics — 60% of American women reportedly identify themselves as “plus-size”. However, according to a Gallup-Healthways poll, only 26% are obese — defined as having a BMI (body mass index) equal to or greater than 30.
While the artist may have missed the mark of creating a realistic, curvy Barbie with the mockup, the debate is still valid.
Sure, Barbie is a stylized doll, and dolls don’t have to be realistically proportioned. However, Barbie is different, since the doll has the body of a grown woman and is targeted at young girls.
Therefore, should Mattel make a more realistically proportioned version of Barbie? Perhaps they should, since a dramatic change could actually help the company sell more Barbie dolls in the long run.
What Barbie means for Mattel
To understand why Mattel should be concerned about the public perception of Barbie, we need to see how important the franchise is to the company’s top line. Mattel’s business is divided into three business segments: Mattel Girls & Boys Brands, Fisher-Price Brands, and American Girl.
Let’s see what these businesses sell and how they fared last quarter:
Business Segment
3Q revenue
YOY growth
Notable Brands
Mattel Girls & Boys Brands
$1.48 billion
Barbie, Monster High, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Fisher-Price Brands
$789.3 million
Fisher-Price, Power Wheels
American Girl
$122.3 million
My American Girl, Bitty Baby, Historical dolls
Source: Mattel 3Q report.
Digging deeper into Mattel’s Girls & Boys Brands segment, we can see that Barbie products actually account for 30% of the Girls & Boys Brands’ segment’s revenue and 18% of Mattel’s top line.
That’s why Barbie’s future is so important to Mattel.
Barbie(dolls, accessories, other products)
Other Girls Brands (including Monster High)
Wheels(toy cars)
Entertainment(Radica Games and other games)
3Q sales
$443.3 million
$447.7 million
$241.7 million
$347.0 million
YOY growth
Source: Mattel 3Q report.
Unfortunately, Barbie just hasn’t been all that popular lately, posting a meager 3% year-over-year growth in sales last quarter.
However, that 3% growth was extremely significant for Mattel, since it was the first time in four consecutive quartersthat the Barbie franchise posted positive sales growth.
Comparing Miley Cyrus to Doris Day
Another line of Mattel dolls, Monster High, has been growing at a much faster rate.
Although Mattel didn’t disclose the exact number of Monster High dolls sold, the company primarily attributed the 28% gain in its Other Girls Brands to rising sales of the “Goth Barbies,” which debuted in July 2010.
Monster High dolls. Source: Company website.
The Monster High dolls were created by Garrett Sander, with illustrations by Kellee Riley. The line features offspring and relatives of classic monsters such as Medusa, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The franchise, like Barbie, also includes TV specials, direct-to-DVD movies, books, accessories, and software.
Yet the popularity of Monster High is a double-edged sword. It boosts Mattel’s top line while cannibalizing Barbie sales. More importantly, it highlights another image problem that Mattel has with Barbie — although Monster High dolls are just as thin as Barbie dolls, they’re simply newer, edgier, and cooler. It’s like comparing Miley Cyrus to Doris Day.
Is it time to reboot Barbie?
For over five decades, Barbie has been the “All-American” doll. However, the role and image of the woman in American society has changed dramatically during that period.
An interesting comparison can be made between Barbie andHasbro‘s G.I. Joe toys.
Hasbro’s original G.I. Joes, made in the 1960s, resembled Ken dolls with uniforms, scars, and over-sized dog tags. By the 1980s, however, boys’ tastes had changed — they were obsessed with comic book-like heroes and villains. In response, Hasbro rebooted G.I. Joe in 1982 under the brand “Real American Hero,” with the help of a Marvel comic book series and an animated series. The classic soldiers were replaced by superhero-like soldiers wielding special weapons such as katanas and laser guns — forming a new foundation for the franchise that has been expanded upon by the two recent live-action films.
With Barbie, it may be time for Mattel to consider a similar reboot. After all, its own Monster High dolls could soon eclipse the classic doll in popularity.
The big question, however, will be how to reboot Barbie. Will she be an astronaut, a business woman, or a doctor instead? Will she have more realistic body proportions than her classic model? Will Mattel make model-size, regular-size, and plus-size versions of the doll just to satisfy everyone?
What do you think Mattel should do with Barbie, dear readers? Let me know in the comments section below!
The article Plus-Size Barbie Sparks Debate About the Classic Doll’s Future originally appeared on
I truly believe that even though many people say Barbie should remain classic in her look that the student body at Monster High would welcome not only a plus size ghoul but would embrace her beauty. I also would welcome a disabled ghoul, and a guy/ghoul going through chemotherapy.  
Like we say at Monster High…
Be Unique Be yourself, be your own