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First look @MonsterHigh 2016 Movie Great Scarrier Reef and Ghouls Getaway™ trademark UPDATE!

Hey Mummies & Mansters!

Monster High Mom here with the trailer many are sharing via icoffins! That’s right we have it here thanks to a great Youtuber, Inviso Lop™. So without further adieu, I present to you “Great Scarrier Reef” with all your fav ghouls and a few new ghouls I’m sure. And what of the Ghouls Getaway trademark? Well I am not at liberty to say much (yet) but I have some deets to die for!  I have seen 2 of the add-on dolls and OhMyRa they are freaky fab in their vacation attire. 

Day 1 #SDCC2015 #MonsterHigh #Instagram #TTPM #garrettsander

Credits: TTPM, Instagram, Garrett Sander

@Monsterhigh #BreakingNews #NewLines Great Scarrier Reef & wave 2 Frightmares

And Now for the uhh-dorable Frightmares wave 2

Credit to Monster High One Stop Shop