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SDCC 2015 Monster High Media Wrap Up

Well Mummies & Mansters SDCC 2015 is all wrapped up and I know many of you followed the adventures of the guys & ghouls so here is a full picture weap up as well as video of the Monster High Panel & Video preview! Enjoy and welcome to our new site, pass it along to your friends and until next time…

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#MonsterHigh #ComicCon First ever Vinyl collectible

Now we all know that Valentine & Wisp are the SDCC 2015 collectible doll but for the first year ever we have a vinyl collectible… Feast your eyes on one of my personal fav ghouls, Nefera De Nile!

Monster High recap comic con 2014

Well, mansters & ghouls comic con is a wrap and it was off the fang! Here are a few pictures from the reveals this year! We had so many reveals plus the synopsis of the new film “haunted”.
It’s a Spectra movie! Looks like it features Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Twyla, Rochelle and Ghoulia.
The girls will be turned to ghosts and go to a haunted high school.
Becca is presenting Vandala Doubloons – she’s a pirate ghost. She’s very ocean and ship-wrecked themed.
Garrett presented River Styx. Daughter of the
 Grim Reaper. She has a candy color scheme and is very sweet.
And next is Monster Exchange – where new characters come to the school and some of MH girls go see other places. Looks like webisodes will introduce all the characters.
Lorna McNessie – daughter of the Lochness Monster. (As seen earlier via Facebook). Natalie is now presenting her doll. She’s shorter on the Howleen body but will have a longer neck

San Diego Comic Con news Part 1

I am here at SanDiego Comic Con bringing you news, releases, and maybe even some scare-tastic rumors from our fav Mansters & Ghouls at Monster High! Most posts will be picture heavy and of course I will have a wrap up next week! Also join us on Facebook to get news LIVE!


Okay, Mansters and Ghouls… ready for a killer reveal? 

Monster High® Manny Taur™ & Iris Clops ™ 2-Pack ($40)

SDCC Reveal: Monster HighBull in china shop seeks gentle ghoul with the stars in her eye to help navigate the confusing maze of high school love.
This product will be available for pre-order at on June 24, 2014, to be picked up at San Diego Comic-Con. It will also be available for purchase at the show, then at on August 5, 2014.

Want More?

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