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Batsy Claro, Isi Dawndancer, & Kjersti Trolleson Finally Revealed

Batsy Claro, Daughter White Vampire Bat
From: Ghosta Rica
-Brand Boo Students

Isi Dawndancer, Daughter of the Spirit Deer
From: Boo Hexico (New Mexico)
-Brand Boo Students

Kjersti Trollson, daughter Trolls
From: Goreway (Norway)
-Brand Boo Students

First Look "Isi Dawndancer, Batsy Claro, Kjersti Trolleson"

I have dug up another new piece for many of us wondering about Isi Dawndancer, Kjersti Trollson, Batsy Claro…. Many of us wondered what these new ghouls would look like and Thanks to Barnes & Noble we have our first look!!! 

Amazon Posts BRAND NEW! Monster High Exchange students

Hey Mansters & Ghouls, Big news from Amazon this week as they posted 4 brand new Monster Exchange dolls…. While we do not have pictures yet we do know these are scareficial trademarks by Mattel. ENJOY!

On December 4th Amazon posted up some new ghouls as part of the Monster Exchange line as out of stock. No photos are up yet. That means the dolls are coming shortly! 

So now the rumors begin to these three new ghouls, where are they from? what will they look like? We do know that Finnegan is the son of a mermaid and the first student body to be in a wheelchair which we love the idea of here at Monster High parents!!! 

Isn’t he just the ghoulest?