@MonsterHigh App review


Hey Ghouls & Mansters! Just had to keep you up on another new deet! Monster High now has an APP! Oh my ghoul, it is creeperifric and here is your official launch! And don’t forget to follow Monster High on Youtube!

Welcome to the halls of Monster High, where the teenage children of legendary monsters are free to rock their own freaky-fab styles! In this official Monster High app, you can explore school hallways with your favorite guys and ghouls!

Now to the clawsome features!!!

Welcome to the halls of monster high, where the children teenagers of the legendary monsters are free to show their own styles strangers and fabulous! In this official app of monster high you can explore the corridors of the school with your monsters favcorites.

1. You will be able to know more about your favorite characters from monster high, including frankie stein™, clawdeen wolf™ and draculaura™.
2. Put on a day with the webisodes  of monster high, trailers of films and music videos.
3. Upload your own photos or uses pictures of monster high for projects and create Collages, grisly photos.
4. Put to the test your skills in the hall of games with new mini games available only in the application.
5. Dance like a monster with your favorite songs from monster high.
6. Create a virtual platform to show the dolls you already have or make a list of dolls you still want.

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